Elevating Entertainment with Every Coin Drop

Welcome to GDO Toyland

Discover the GDO Toyland experience where entertainment meets excitement! With over 20 years of dedicated experience, we are a premier entertainment company specializing in crafting and providing coin-operated vending machines for family entertainment centers. At GDO Toyland, we redefine the very essence of entertainment by transforming every coin-drop into a thrilling chance to win premium prizes.

What We offer

Services We Offer

Amusement Vending Distribution

From a single machine to filling entire game rooms, we provide ideal vending solutions based on location and entertainment expertise.

Profit Sharing

Join our revenue-sharing program! Enjoy hassle-free profits from our innovative coin operated machines without any capital outlay by you.

Full time service

We provide expert maintenance services for our machines at no cost, promptly addressing issues to keep your business running smoothly.

Crafting Fun, One Machine at a Time

At GDO Toyland we specialize in manufacturing coin-operated vending machines from scratch ensuring they are stocked with a diverse array of premium-quality toys. Our custom-built vending machines are designed to excite the users and boost revenue for our valued partners. Our services extend beyond creation, offering delivery, installation, maintenance, and same-day repairs to keep our arcade machines in peak condition. To maximize our reach, we are continually expanding our horizons to family-friendly locations across Cyprus. Collaborating with business owners, we provide profit-sharing options, making GDO Toyland not only a source of joy but also a prosperous business opportunity.

Our Journey

From pure passion and love for arcade games, our journey kicked off 25 years ago when Mr. George Eftychiou built the first vending machine and named it "Toyland." Since it was unique and unlike any other idea, the reception was overwhelming. Henceforth that single machine has evolved into a thriving enterprise that is GDO Toyland and expanded into the manufacture and purchase of other vending and crane machines.

Why Choose Us

Preserving the Essence of Arcade Games

Toyland Vending Machines

Designed and produced by GDO Toyland these machines redefine the toy vending experience by offering unmatched high-quality toys.

Crane Machines

Our dynamic crane machines, offer a delightful selection of prizes in football, plush toys, and candies attracting all ages.

Two-Player Machines

For those who love a friendly competition our two-player machines are a great choice designed to elevate the gaming experience.

While technology may have evolved, the satisfaction derived from every coin drop remains unchanged. At GDO Toyland, we revel in creating fun memories, cherishing the simple moments reflected in our customers' smiles. Our focus is on helping entertainment venues elevate guest experiences, offering high-value prizes, diverse stock, and a commitment to building lasting connections.